JACK Assist in raising health standards, and strengthening the health system through the provision of coordinated services of promotional, preventative, and curative health care as well as activities that promote health conditions in rural and urban areas, in accordance with the community.

Heath and Nutrition Sector Objectives:

  • To increase accessibility and proper utilization of basic health services for people.

  • To increase the proportion of women having access to routine Reproductive Health (RH) and Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) Care Services.

  • To increase coverage of services in order to prevent and treat communicable diseases and malnutrition.

  • To increase the proportion of population having access to hospital services.

  • To improve hygiene and sanitation conditions between the general public and health workers.

  • To strengthen the capacity of health personnel in extending effective primary health care services.

Basic Package of Health Services:

Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) is a World Bank-funded project under a grant of Sehatmandi, contracted between the Ministry of Public Health and JACK which was implemented from the period 01, Jan 2014 up to 31, December 2018 in Farah province and from 01 Jan 2019 is implemented in Ghor province. This project is designed to strengthen and expand the implementation of all components of BPHS in Ghor provinces in order to contribute to achieving the following goals defined by MOPH:

  • Reduce maternal and newborn mortality.

  • Reduce under 5 mortalities, improve child health and nutrition.

  • Develop the health system.