To contribute to the empowerment of individuals and communities through provision of quality, accessible and modern education for Afghans.

Education Section Objectives:

  • To increase the adult literacy levels in males and females;

  • To improve the capacities of school teachers and principals in teaching methodologies, Subject knowledge, school management, and teaching aids;

  • To provide primary, secondary and high school education.

  • To upgrade primary, secondary and high schools to include services catering to basic needs of students;

  • To develop vocational skills amongst males and females for raising their income;

  • To Provide Online Education;

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Sector Achievements:

The education sector of JACK has the overall responsibility of managing education projects; the sector functions by a team of qualified and experienced education experts, led by an education program manager. The team is well qualified and expert in planning, implementing, and follow up of education programs. JACK believes that education is the main factor for the socio-economic development of the country; therefore, education is one of the core strategies in JACK’s strategic plan.