Dr. Noor Ahmad Ahmad

About Me

  • Name: Dr. Noor Ahmad Ahmad
  • Address: House #06, Street 1st, Karta-e-Char, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Nationality: Afghan
  • Phone: +93 (0) 790 941 027
  • Email: ahmad@jack.ngo

Objective Summary

Professional and expert in advocacy, leadership, program designing and organizational development of NGOs.

Team player and ability to delegate tasks.

Good understanding of team dynamics and understanding that conflicts can be healthy if managed properly.

Consideration of religious sensibilities, cultural values, and Afghan traditions before approaching the project partners.

Focus on maximum efficiency within the regulations of the organization.

Adaptable to work in challenging contexts with variety of security arrangements.




  • 2018 - present

    PMP (Project Management Professional)

    American University of Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan http://www.aaicu.org/the-american-university-of-afghanistan-auaf/

    Project Management Professional

  • January 2017 - December 2017

    Post-graduation diploma Nutrition Management –Distance

    Indian School of Business Management (ISBM) India

    Diploma Nutrition Management –Distance

  • January 2017 - December 2017

    Post-graduation diploma in Leadership

    ILD (Institute of Leadership Development at Morning Star) Kabul, Afghanistan https://msdev.org/leadership-development/

    Diploma in Leadership

  • 2005 - 2013

    Medical Faculty

    Nengarhar University Jalal Abad, Afghanistan

    Medical Faculty

  • 2013 - 2013

    Diploma in Ultrasound

    Haq Pal Ultrasound clinic and training center Kabul, Afghanistan

    Diploma in Ultrasound

  • 2002 - 2005

    High School

    Shir Khan High School Kunduz, Afghanistan



  • 01, January, 2019 - present

    Country Program Director

    Just for Afghan Capacity and Knowledge (JACK) Kabul, Afghanistan jack.ngo

    Responsible for managing and leading the projects and programs. Responsible for reporting writing of all projects. Responsible for the development activities such as proposal writing , proposal designing. Responsible for communicating , partnership with donors and partners. Attending all forum of decision making meetings. Responsible for the developing projects plan according to the donor documents. Conducting field visits ensuring project implementation is according to the signed contract and proposal. Contributing to the policies making, strategic planning of overall health related issues and aspects. Responsible for all negotiations for the programs implementation and solving the problems and constraints access. Responsible for overall BPHS (Basic Package of Health Services) Sehatmandi project for Kunduz and Kabul provinces.

  • 01 January 2021 - present

    National HAG (Humanitarian Access Group) Co-chair

    Afghanistan Afghanistan

    Consult with meeting chair and assist in sending out meeting invitation with suggested agenda points. Support taking of meeting notes and follow up of key meeting action points. Support the regular updating of NHAG contact list with contact details of all members and one alternate from each organization. Assist OCHA in chairing the NNGO HAG meeting. Chair the meeting in the absence of the OCHA co-chair. Represent NNGOs in IHAG by informing HAG about ongoing access issues NNGOs are faced with. Support OCHA in analyzing access dynamics and its implications on humanitarian organizations. On request, support NNGOs by advising and facilitating on their engagement with conflict actors. Ensure confidentiality of all access related issues raised and discussed in NHAG and bilateral. Meetings with humanitarian partners. Assist HAG in HTR district mapping, AMRF reporting and JOPs rollout. Ensure that NHAG is functioning according to its ToR.

  • 01, January, 2018 - 31, December, 2018

    Health Program Manager

    Bu Ali Rehabilitation and Aid Network (BARAN) Kabul, Afghanistan http://www.baran.org.af/

    Was responsible to manage and lead all health related projects (SEHAT-II, Sehatmandi, Malaria, TSFP, CB-DOTs, TB-RSSH, MSER, Upgrading SHCs with EPI fixed and Launching Community based Outreach through MI Strategy (GAVI), and PPP). Preparing and writing technical progressive reports (Monthly and Quarterly) of the projects. Joining decision making meetings of MoPH (Ministry of Public Health), USAID, and related UN –agencies. Responsible for overall BPHS (Basic Package of Health Services) SEHAT-II project for Kandahar province. Developing projects plan according to the donor documents. Conducting field visits ensuring the projects progress is according to the agreed goals and objectives. Joining all technical meetings. Contributing to the policies making, strategic planning of overall health related issues and aspects. Was responsible for all seven fundamental BPHS components such as (EPI, RH, Disability/Mental Health, Nutrition, essential drugs, MCH, CBHC). Providing regular technical guides to provincial staffs regarding related tasks fulfilling.

  • January 2015 - September 2016

    EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization) Officer

    Save the Children International ( SCI) Kabul, Afghanistan https://www.savethechildren.in/

    Supporting Cluster Supervisors in collecting monthly reports of HFs/HPs. Data Processing and analysis. Information presentation. Interpretation of Information. Find out probable causes of problems. Find out possible solutions. Define additional information needed to understand the problem. Define necessary actions needed. Provide monthly written feedback to the Office and HFs/HPs/ focusing mainly on EPI Reports. Developing the vaccines request and sending of vaccines supply for HFs.

  • October, 2016 - 31 December, 2017

    Malaria Project Manager

    Bu Ali Rehabilitation and Aid Network (BARAN) Kabul, Afghanistan http://www.baran.org.af/

    To have the overall responsibility of the project. Coordinating the project activities between the project and BARAN main office as well as stakeholders. Developing project plan according to the UNDP-BARAN project document. Assessing M&E department on developing M&E plan for Malaria Project. Ensuring the project indicator are achieved. Participating in technical meetings and relevant forums. Conducing field visits ensuring the project progress is according to the agreed goals and objectives. Preparing the project report on timely basis and submit it to BARAN Technical Director. Being in contact with the Ministry of Public Health and relevant government bodies and donor as per requested by BARAN main office. Evaluation and performance appraisal of all project staff with close coordination with HR department. Performing daily technical activities of the project. Supporting Technical Director in any related issues. Performing delegated activities by BARAN management team.

  • September 2013 - March 2014

    Health Facility Director

    MERLIN Kabu, Afghanistan

    Examining the beneficiaries. Management of all department of the clinic. Outbreak emergency report for the central office on requirement. Prepared report of the clinic from all department include-OPD, MCH, EPI, Lab department at the end of each month for the central office. Assist the MCH (Mother and children health) Department. Assist the food distributor for detected the mal nourish children. Assist the midwives for detecting of malnourish pregnant and lactating women. Monitoring all departments of the clinic.

  • March 2014 - December 2014

    Nutrition senior officer

    Save the Children International (SCI) Kabul, Afghanistan https://www.savethechildren.in

    Was ensuring accurate, up to date information for effective Nutrition program and for project design. Was responsible for addressing gender inequalities and determinants of gender equality in field of implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of the project Was responsible for analyzing and collecting data and information and was preparing promoting report using upon gender indicators where needed. Assisted in draft changes in nutrition project work plans and assisted in identification of required supplied and equipment as well as in the drafting of the country. Was responsible for Program Recommendation and other project documentation, assuring accuracy with established rules, regulations and plans of action. Had the responsibilities of ensuring the financial, administrative and supplying documentation for nutrition project. Had the responsibilities for nutrition project implementation training and orientation materials for promoting the knowledge surface and shared with partners, donors and media. Was responsible for the good communication and networking and developing through partnership and collaboration on recognizing gender inequalities and on practicing gender mainstreaming where applicable. Was ensuring with team and local government for exchanging the information about nutrition project implementation and status also in distribution of supplies.


Microsoft Office


Internet Browsing


Emergency Management


Nutrition Management


Outbreak management


Proposal writing


Humanitarian Negotiation