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Core Values

    The following values are the basis for all activities in JACK:
  1. Transparency:Activities are carried out so as to be visible to all stakeholders. All people in managerial positions of the organization are responsible for their decisions, actions, and their consequences.
  2. Commitment: ensuring professionalism based on collective and individual agenda for positive changes in Afghans society.
  3. Equity: JACK management never discriminates against employees, and treats them according to the merit system, and respects them for their labor.
  4. Cooperativeness, Solidarity and Sharing: JACK acts on a cooperative basis, rely on solidarity, and share their knowledge and experience.
  5. Innovativeness and Creativeness:JACK staff has the right to express their innovative and creative opinions freely, and they offer their opinions responsibly.
  6. Participating in the Management Process: JACK staff participates in the management process at every hierarchical level, while preserving their individuality.
  7. Seeking Excellence: The JACK staff continuously strives for excellence in administrative and provision of services.
  8. Sensitivity to the Environment: JACK staff is sensitive to environmental issues. They are inclined strictly to protect and develop the natural environment.
  9. Trust in the Future: JACK staff trust in the future success of the organization.