Just For Afghan Capacity and Knowledge

Just For Afghan Capacity and Knowledge

Just for Afghan Capacity and Knowledge (JACK) is an independent, Non-Governmental, Non-Profit, Non-Political and Non-Sectarian Organization working in Afghanistan in the areas of (Health, Education, Capacity building, Human Rights, Nutrition, Emergency , Protection, Research and WASH) with an aim at improving livelihoods and alleviating poverty. The organization works is registered under the Ministry of Economy with registration number, 316 of 28/10/1384. The organization works in collaboration with other line ministries, UN- agencies, NGOs, INGOs, and donor community. The mandate of JACK is to improve lives of the people we touch through our programs. We strive to have a community that is empowered, participates in its development and is able to use the resources available to them to get what they want. We work to assist communities in their efforts that lead them to self- help and in essence self- reliance that comes with economic and social independence. When the children are safe the women and men can provide for their families with pride and our community is vibrant again, we will have achieved. In addition, we provide assistance to refugees, victims of Disaster, people with disability and marginalized groups in the community. Our service is without fear, favor or prejudice to race, nationality, religion, political affiliations JACK has been working in the country since 2001 and its record speaks volumes for itself. We implement the largest by sector education and health program in the country and have a multi sectorial program that looks at all the areas of need of the vulnerable in the community. JACK as an independent organization has its charter, policies, and procedures, developed in line with the operating country laws and international standards. JACK Charter, the main governing instrument of the organization, is emphasizing on the effective and efficient use of the resources. JACK financial management policy and procedures are prepared in line with International Accounting Standards (IASs) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

The organization has a tremendous capacity to develop highly qualified and committed staff to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of its projects in the country. At the end of the fiscal year, JACK had a total of 3000 full time paid staff at different levels of the organization. JACK also had 996 Community Health Workers (CHWs) who are delivering essential health services considering the CHW guidelines and strengthening more the referral systems. JACK is an active member of HSS Steering Committee, Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM), active member in CPDS (Coordinated Procurement Drugs Supply System) forum, and the steering committee member of Alliance of Health Organization (AHO) which is an umbrella organization of most health NGOs working in Afghanistan. JACK has contributed significantly in health sector policy development through participating in different forums. JACK has contributed to health sector policy development through participating in various forums. JACK has provided input in the finalization of National Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) for the primary level (as a quick reviewer). This Guideline was developed by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) - General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs (GDPA) under the financial support of USAID/SPS. JACK has contributed to the National Health Strategic (NHS) 2016-2020 through revision and inputs on the document. JACK has the membership of GBV sub-clusters, Advocacy committee of AWN and National Masculinity Alliance.


JACK’s mission is to provide self-reliance and sustainable development in term of humanitarian and development services with special focus on health, education, capacity building and training, and survey for an enabled and sound environment to improve Afghan’s living standard and promote their livelihood.


JACK’s vision is to support and develop an enabled, vigorous, and educated Afghan community through provision of health & education services, capacity building, nutritional and social welfare.

Core Values

The following values are the basis for all activities in JACK:

Transparency Activities are carried out so as to be visible to all stakeholders. All people in managerial positions of the organization are responsible for their decisions, actions, and their consequences.

Equity JACK management never discriminates against employees, and treats them according to the merit system, and respects them for their labor.

Cooperativeness, Solidarity and Sharing JACK acts on a cooperative basis, rely on solidarity, and share their knowledge and experience.

Innovativeness and Creativeness JACK staff has the right to express their innovative and creative opinions freely, and they offer their opinions responsibly.

Participating in the Management Process JACK staff participates in the management process at every hierarchical level, while preserving their individuality.

Seeking Excellence The JACK staff continuously strives for excellence in administrative and provision of services.

Sensitivity to the Environment JACK staff is sensitive to environmental issues. They are inclined strictly to protect and develop the natural environment.

Trust in the Future JACK staff trust in the future success of the organization.

Respect for the Public Welfare JACK respects the public welfare in its activities.

Current Projects

BPHS (Basic Package of Health Services) Sehatmandi project

BPHS (Basic Package of Health Services/ Essential Package of Hospital Services) Sehatmandi project

BPHS (Basic Package of Health Services) Sehatmandi project

Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme for treatment of Moderate Acute Malnourished (MAM) children age 6-59 months and Acute Malnourished Pregnant & Lactating Women (AM-PLW).

Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme for treatment of Moderate Acute Malnourished (MAM) children age 6-59 months and Acute Malnourished Pregnant & Lactating Women (AM-PLW)

The Strengthening and Scaling-up Malaria Prevention and Case Management to improve Health Status in Afghanistan

The Strengthening and Scaling-up Malaria Prevention and Case Management to improve Health Status in Afghanistan

Mobile Health and Nutrition Teams project in Farah

Mobile Health and Nutrition Teams project in Faryab

Implemented Projects

Urban Immunization project in Kunduz province (Protecting Children and Child Bearing Age female from vaccines

Provision of life saving trauma care and psychological first aid services to conflict affected population in hard to reach areas of Kunduz Province

TSFP ( Targeted Supplementing Feeding Program) (Protecting Children and Women from Moderate Acute Malnutrition)

COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Project

Integrated health, nutrition and children protection project through mobile health clinic in Kunduz province

Emergency lifesaving intervention to prevent COVID-19 in high risk population in Kunduz and Khost provinces

CME/CHNE program ( Community Midwifery Education) and( Community Health Nurses Education) in Kunduz province

BPHS ( Basic Packages of Health System) in Paktika province

Targeted Intervention for Most at Risk women in HIV/AIDs in Kabul and Balkh provinces (GBV and Protection were the indicators)

Midwifery, lab technician, vaccination and midlevel medical refresher training coursesChild Rights and Protection Awareness Program in Urozgan province.

Women and Child Rights Project in Takhar province (GBV was an indicators referring the cases and reaching to them)

Community Based Education Project

Literacy Program for Adults

Home Based Accelerated learning

Vocational Training/ Income Generation

Quality Primary Education Program for boys and girls

Self and Waged Employment Support of Afghan Returnees from Iran and Pakistan

COMPRI-A Health Project

National program In Service teacher training Package 1

Vocational Training Disciplines

Areas of operation

JACK has implemented projects in South, North, East, West, and central zones of Afghanistan including 16 provinces of: Khost, Hirat, Kabul, Daikundi, Baghlan, Takhar, Badakhshan, Uruzgan, Zabul, Paktika, Balkh, Nuristan, Kunar, Kunduz, Samangan, Punjshir, and Faryab provinces. Right now, we have functional provincial offices in eight north and north east provinces of Afghanistan and Zabul province in the south. JACK current areas are as following 1. Kunduz, 2. Kabul, 3. Parwan, 4. Faryab, 5. Farah, 6. Samangan

JACK is active a member of the following groups and clusters

Nutrition cluster
WASH cluster
NFI cluster
Sub-GBV cluster
Member of Afghanistan Health Cluster Strategic Advisory Group
Member of JOPs(Joint Operation Principles) Working Group
Co- Chair of National Humanitarian Access Group
Member of Reproductive Health Working Group
Member of AHO (Alliance for Health Organizations)